Ladies of Laughter hosts stand-up comedy workshops throughout the year.

Stand-Up Comedy Workshops for Adults and Teens

                             "I think I’m funny."

                                      -Someone Not Funny

The Stand Up Comedy Workshop Course was first developed and presented in 1997 by Peggy Boyce to give students an understanding of the basics of comedy and provide them with the tools necessary to develop a comedy routine based on their own life experiences. 

The course has been produced at Ramapo College, Bergen Community College, Westchester Community College and the YWCA of Bergen County, among other learning institutions.

Being able to make people laugh is an excellent way to develop friendships and form a bond with those you normally wouldn’t.  Laughter is the most direct way to a person’s mind and heart because it’s an involuntary response – make someone laugh and you have created a friend for life.

Upon completion students will have 5-minute routine and necessary resources to pursue a career in the comedy industry.  

The Workshop Includes

  • Study of the various styles of comedy genres as established by notable comedians

  • Formulas necessary to establish a personal comedic routine including setup/punch, comparisons, similes, observations, mimicking, list making, callbacks, and sarcasm
  • Comedy styles including political humor, impressions, character, music, and how to explore and determine ones own comedic style
  • Overcoming stage fright and memorization techniques
  • Industry information and how to get started in the comedy industry

Even if students have no intention of ever getting up on a stage, learning how to change life experiences into comedy routines provides a sense of empowerment and a new perspective on life.


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