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The Funniest Ladies in America are here!

Congratulations to the 2013 Variety Artist Contest at New York’s Cutting Room!

Niki Luparelli

Congratulations to the 2013 Variety Artist Contest at New York's Cutting Room! Niki Luparelli

Ladies of Laughter (LoL) is about providing funny women the opportunity to showcase their unique styles of humor. Our mission is to encourage and promote new and professional comediennes from all walks of life to share their humor with audiences.  We also produce a variety of workshops to provide basic tools of developing a comedy routine, based on your life experiences.

Ladies of Laughter winners and select participants have received:

-Cash prizes and major publicity

-Appearances on national television including Comedy Central and ABC’s The View

-Paid bookings in night clubs, casinos, theaters, special events and colleges

-All star comedy events

Ladies of Laughter invites you to join our community, check out our events, get to know our outstanding comediennes, and stay connected.

Keep laughing!
-Ladies of Laughter